Clear Braces From Rachel Cole DDS PC are an Excellent Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Clear BracesIf you are considering getting braces from Rachel Cole DDS PC, you may be interested in learning about the less distracting option of clear braces. Clear braces are an attractive cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces, and they minimize the visibility of the braces on your teeth, so few people realize you are wearing them. With clear braces, you will look more professional and may not feel as self-conscious about your appearance during treatment.

What are clear braces made of?

The components of clear braces are typically made of ceramic or translucent plastic alloys, so they let the natural color of your teeth show through. Functionally, clear braces work just like traditional metal braces. Many adult patients opt for clear braces due to attractive options like clear elastic ties, white metal ties, and sometimes even translucent or tooth-colored wires.

The ceramic materials used in clear braces are similar in consistency to glass. They are more brittle than traditional braces, so it is important to ensure that the potential wearers are mature enough to take care when eating and brushing. Rachel Cole DDS PC may suggest you have clear braces placed on your top teeth while leaving traditional braces on the less noticeable lower teeth since they receive more impact during daily use. If a break does occur on your ceramic braces, replacing the component is easy.

Are clear braces expensive?

Clear braces typically cost a little more than traditional metal braces but not by much. Depending on the stage of your teeth before you receive braces and what orthodontist you visit, prices vary. The price of any orthodontics treatment is based on length of treatment, teeth placement and condition, location of service, and other factors. Clear braces generally cost only slightly more than what it would cost for the same treatment length with traditional braces.

The cost is a little higher for clear braces because the materials used are more expensive. Prices also differ because you are paying for the luxury of having invisible braces. The stainless steel used in traditional braces is less expensive than the ceramic materials used in clear braces. Many people opt to pay the extra cost for clear braces because they know it will provide them with more confidence and a more professional appearance. Some parents get clear braces for their teens because it helps them feel less self-conscious and shy as well.  Although at Rachel Cole DDS PC,  we typically recommend them for adults since adults have an easier time keeping their teeth clean and free from stains.

Other Options

If you want to straighten your teeth without your orthodontics treatment being noticeable, you may also want to consider wearing clear aligners.  This is a treatment where a plastic, retainer-like aligner surrounds your teeth.  The aligners are worn for around two weeks at a time before being switched out for the next one in the series.  After wearing all of them, your teeth will be straight.

If you have more questions about how clear braces work, how much they cost, and what your other options are, please contact our office to learn more. We can schedule an appointment and provide you with the perfect straightening treatment for your needs.

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