Help for Sleep Apnea From Your Dental Office


Get help for sleep apnea from your dental office by calling (503) 248-1114. We treat obstructive sleep apnea in our Portland, OR clinic and provide relief for patients who are tired of being tired. As a sleep apnea dentist, we know that it does not matter how many hours you sleep each night. If your airways are obstructed, you will not get enough oxygen to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Those suffering from sleep apnea often have a difficult time staying awake while doing mundane tasks like driving, working on the computer, or watching television. If you suddenly find yourself falling asleep at all hours of the day or being unable to stay awake past eight, you may have this condition.

To find out if you have sleep apnea and to begin your treatment plan, call (503) 248-1114. Rachel Cole DDS PC will meet with you, discuss your concerns, examine you, and determine if you qualify for treatment from a sleep dentist. At our 97209 office, we treat sleep apnea by addressing the cause of the obstruction: your lower jaw and tongue falling backward as you sleep. With your tongue blocking your airway, the level of oxygen you receive will be significantly reduced, so much so that you will feel exhausted regardless of how long you are technically asleep.

At our Portland sleep apnea dentist office, we can fit you for a removable oral appliance worn while you sleep. It is made of comfortable yet durable plastic and will hold your lower jaw in a forward position so your tongue will not fall backward. As a result, you will wake up feeling refreshed, you will have the energy you need to enjoy life again, and other health symptoms you may be experiencing should also be reduced. For example, you may see a drop in your blood pressure. To get started, call (503) 248-1114 and schedule an appointment.

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