Learn About Root Canal Therapy in Portland

Root CanalWe provide root canal therapy in Portland to save a tooth that has become infected. It is common for teeth to need this type of treatment when the center of the tooth (dental pulp) becomes infected. In this case, we need to access the interior of the tooth in order to remove the infected pulp and root system. The good news is that once your tooth has fully matured, the pulp and roots are not necessary for it to remain in place, only to provide you with a hot or cold sensation. Removing them, therefore, will not take away from the longevity or functionality of the tooth, but simply ensure its survival.

Here is how the root canal process works:

Upon first visiting our office with a toothache, we will conduct a physical examination to determine if we can identify the issue. In many cases, patients simply have a cavity that needs treatment by removing the decayed portion of the tooth and restoring it. In this case, no root canal is necessary. If this is not the case, we will take an X-ray to determine the extent of the problem inside the tooth and create a plan for how to best address it.

provide medication so the patient does not feel any discomfort. While root canals have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, this is generally not the case. The patient will feel some pressure, but not physical discomfort. In fact, any pain that the patient experiences prior to treatment will far surpass any discomfort the patient will feel during the treatment.

Little to no pain

Once the area is sufficiently numb, we will make a small hole in the tooth to remove the infected area. Afterward, we will clean the inside of the tooth to ensure we do not miss any of the infection. We may also prescribe antibiotics to ensure the infection cannot linger. Once we prescribe any antibiotics, we will seal up the area with a rubber-like substance and then restore the tooth.

Depending on the extent of the infection and damage, we may be able to restore the tooth with a simple dental filling or place a dental crown around the tooth. A crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth so nothing can come in direct contact with it. A dental crown makes it an ideal dental restoration after we remove a large portion of the tooth structure.

We can create a crown in all-ceramic or ceramic-on-metal for a natural appearance. If one does need a crown, then one may need to come in for a second appointment. Either way, we will deal with the infection efficiently and promptly.

After a root canal therapy, you should feel better immediately. With the infection gone, your tooth can begin the recovery process, and you will feel more comfortable as a result.

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