Oral Surgery: Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Portland, OR

If you have a missing tooth you would like to replace, you need to learn more about getting a dental implant. Dental implants can improve your smile. They can also prevent many of the problems associated with missing teeth. Implants are one of the most popular options for replacing teeth. If you are thinking about this option, you must consider the factors that would make you a good candidate for them.

The ideal candidate for a dental implant

A dental implant is a prosthetic that is inserted into the jaw to support a replacement tooth. Most people are usually good candidates for the procedure. In most cases, any person who is healthy enough to undergo oral surgery or dental extraction can be considered for the process. However, it is not an option for everyone. Certain factors can determine if a person is a good candidate for them.

Good general and oral health

The treatment requires a surgical procedure, so a person must be in good health. Patients who drink alcohol, smoke or who have chronic conditions, such as diabetes, often have lower success rates with implants. Smoking is discouraged especially before healing has taken place. People who have untreated conditions that would hamper post-surgical healing should not get the implants. Some medications may also disrupt post-surgical healing. The surgeon should be informed of any medications being taken before the procedure.

Keeping the implants healthy involves caring for them. However, this may seem highly unlikely if a person is not taking care of the other teeth. Oral hygiene will prevent many dental-related complications and the unwanted loss of replacement teeth. A good candidate should be committed to good oral hygiene. This partly involves brushing and flossing the dental implant on a daily basis and visiting an oral surgeon regularly. These habits will also maintain the health and strength of a person’s natural teeth.

A patient should have healthy gums. Dental implants are connected with the gums. A patient who has periodontal disease or gum disease is not a good candidate for the procedure. This disease increases the chances of dental implant failure.

The health of the jawbone

A patient should have a sufficient amount of bone to hold the implants. Excessive bone loss from certain conditions may make it difficult for the procedure to be successful. Fortunately, there are several techniques that can restore the bone and make a person a viable candidate for the process. The surgeon will recommend the one that is right for a patient. Children also rarely qualify for this process because their jawbones are still growing.

Find out more about dental implants

Some factors listed above such as lack of adequate bone and healthy gums can be corrected. Dental implants are not ruled out for anyone. The ideal way to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure is to visit a qualified oral surgeon. Your surgeon will consider some of the factors discussed above and your individual needs before deciding if dental implants are right for you.

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