I wanted to specifically rave about Virginia! Yesterday was our first appointment together, and she was wonderful. She was very kind and considerate right off the bat. She offered me a blanket, as it was a bit chilly in the office. She is by far the most thorough hygienist I’ve ever seen. I am meticulous by nature, so her scrupulous attention to detail was much appreciated. She is also just an incredibly interesting person. We had great conversation, and she even recommended some easy, at-home whitening tips. I’m looking forward to my next cleaning!

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Use These Oral Hygiene Tips To Protect Children From Tooth Decay

Use These Oral Hygiene Tips To Protect Children From Tooth Decay

Brushing your child’s teeth and other oral hygiene habits are necessary for several reasons. The first set of teeth (primary) keeps your child’s jaw straightened. The primary teeth also hold the spaces for adult teeth to come in and help your child learn how to smile, chew and speak properly. Learning good oral hygiene habits…

Reasons To Get Dental Veneers

5 Reasons To Get Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way to deal with a number of dental problems. A veneer is a tooth-like, thin shell that covers the front of a tooth. It looks just like a real tooth, and it hides any flaws on the front of the tooth behind it. Getting veneers often requires multiple visits to…