Visit Our Dental Office and Experience How Technology Has Improved Dentistry

Dental TechnologyNew dental technology has improved dentistry, and we offer updated treatment options at our dentist office. Long gone are the days of patients visiting the dentist and being in pain or having teeth pulled simply because they became damaged. This is no longer necessary because as dental technology has improved, so has dentistry. We use the latest tools and techniques so that our patients can benefit from these updates in order to look and feel great.

Sedation is one of the ways that dentistry has improved because it can be used to take away dental fear and anxiety in addition to eliminating any pain associated with dental procedures. This allows patients to enjoy their experience, rather than being frightened by it.

We use these additional technologies in our dental office in order to improve the overall experience of our patients:

Intraoral Camera. This is a diagnostic tool that can be used to take pictures of our patient's teeth. It allows us to view more angles of a patient's mouth so that we can get an entire picture of what is going on in real time. The images show up on a computer monitor so that we can move the camera as needed, rather than taking x-rays and needing to redo them if something was missed. We also submit these images to insurance companies in order to help them to approve more complicated treatments.

Digital X-Rays. Going digital improves the quality of the images and makes it safer for patients. There is 80% less radiation with a digital x-ray as there is with a traditional one, making it a better option for pregnant women and children. Additionally, once the image is taken, it can be inserted into an imaging program that allows the dentist to look at the tooth more closely along with the surrounding structures. The digital version is able to produce better quality images, give the dentist more control, and is better for patients – all reasons why we offer it in our dental office.

Rotary Endodontics. Root canals are a common procedure and often necessary for saving a tooth. By removing the infected area of the tooth along with the roots, a tooth may not need to be pulled after becoming infected. The challenge is that the procedure is more intensive and can take much longer than treating a normal cavity. We have reduced the amount of time it takes by using rotary endodontics.  In this procedure, a special electrical hand piece is used which makes it easier to complete a root canal while decreasing the time a patient spends having work done.

To learn more about how we leverage new dental technology in our dental office, call us today.

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