Visiting a Family Dentist Will Help Prevent These Common Emergencies

Family DentistAs a family dentist, the most precious thing to us is the ability to help families develop and maintain healthy smiles. Over the course of several years, we have worked with many families and many generations within those families. We see a host of different challenges that vary based on the age of the person we are treating and are able to adjust our treatment methods accordingly in order to be as effective as possible.

Treating families in one location

From the youngest members of the family, who are just starting to get their first teeth, to the oldest members of the family that may need dentures, we are here to provide guidance and treatments to ensure that the entire family can have healthy teeth and gums.

As a family dentist, we are aware of the different oral health challenges that come with each generation. We can start working with a child before they start school and treat every member of the family. By treating patients early, we can anticipate some health issues that may transfer from one generation to the next.

Many families enjoy the same kinds of bad habits, like extremely sour candy, for example. By addressing these habits with parents we can sometimes prevent oral health problems in their children. In our Portland dental office, we take the time to understand what good and bad habits are being passed on so that we can suggest behavioral changes that can keep everyone healthier.

There are a few conditions that we see on a more regular basis than others.


Cavities are the most frequent reason people come to our family dentist office in pain. Cavities are caused by acid eating away at the enamel of your teeth until it makes a small hole. Plaque is the sticky stuff that is in food that leaves a residue on your teeth, and when left there, the acid starts to form. Luckily for most people, cavities are easily controlled with a regular schedule of brushing your teeth twice per day, flossing on a regular basis, and having a professional cleaning at least twice in the year.

Tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are often triggered by extreme hot or cold. Some people find that sweets, crunchy foods, and even air can cause discomfort or irritation. There are a lot of reasons why people's teeth are sensitive, ranging from infections in the root to a wearing down of the enamel. We can protect and strengthen sensitive teeth in our dental using a variety of procedures.

Toothaches and dental emergencies

Toothaches are incredibly uncomfortable which is why most dental emergencies stem from a severe toothache. As a family dentist, however, we have had to deal with all kinds of dental emergencies. From kids knocking a tooth loose to lost dentures, we have seen it all, and our staff is really good making sure that you and your children can feel comfortable while receiving treatment. If you do have an emergency, we recommend calling us immediately so that we can ensure you receive the proper care.

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